Volunteer Spotlight: Jacqueline Iden

Jackie IdenJacqueline Iden

Jackie is a “Serve-ivor.” Spell it out, Come on… That’s it. You’ve got it! Just like the pronunciation of the original word- Survivor. She says that through serving and being the hands and feet of Jesus, through Service Work, that is what gives her the strength and determination to keep along this journey that God has laid out for her.  And she is faithful.  Jackie has been volunteering with us at Ransom Café since October 2016 and when I sat down with her to interview her for this story at Christ United Methodist Church, she told me that she was indeed a “Serve-ivor.” Allow me to set the scene for you: She narrowed in her eyes at me and beseeched me to nod in understanding. I did, but she then enquired as to what my understanding of the word means. Having met Jackie on several other occasions, I already knew a little of her story and background and so I nodded in agreement and told her I absolutely believed she was a survivor! At that point she leaned in and locked eyes with me and said “Serve…” I serve Him, therefore I am a “Serve-ivor”!

Jackie has dealt with much loss and trauma over the past several years. Her husband passed in 2009- She has lost two of her brothers to cancer. This happened 4 weeks apart to the day, 4 years ago. She lost her Mother and Sister 2 years ago, 5 months apart. I believe what the Word of God tells us in Romans 8:28“We know that all things work together for good to those who love God and are called according to His purpose.” Through all of the pain of Jackie’s loss, the Lord has taken the depth of that pain and understanding and made her a Spiritual Mother to many. Her niece is just one of many who call her “Mom”. She does have a younger brother who survived Leukemia and she thanks the Lord every day for their relationship and his life. Just recently the Lord sat Jackie down and laid a scripture on her heart that made her really reflect on His Goodness, Mercy, and Power. “Be still and know that I am God.” Psalm 46:10

Besides volunteering with us here at Ransom Café, she enjoys crocheting and I had the pleasure of receiving a gift from her- A hand knitted scarf.
“I love to help people! And I am very resourceful when it comes to helping others.”

We invite you to come out, have lunch with us and meet Jackie and our other faithful volunteers!

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