India Lett: A modern-day miracle

India Lett almost lost her life in a harrowing episode — but God wasn’t done with her yet. A modern-day miracle changed the trajectory of India’s life forever.


India grew up in Mobile as the youngest of six. High school was a rough time for India. During those years, her parents lost their house, and she got romantically involved with a guy with whom she thought she could see a future. At 15, she found herself pregnant, alone and struggling to find somewhere to sleep at night. Being on the streets is difficult under any circumstances, but being pregnant makes it almost impossible.

India’s situation left her unable to finish high school or obtain her GED. Things started looking up when her parents were able to rent a house in Prichard. From the outside, the house looked great, but the reality of what was inside was subpar. Her family had the upper room of the house, which was without a bathroom or running water. While they may have had to sleep on the floor, they finally had shelter.

One of India’s older sisters was able to get a place of her own and allowed India to live with her to make their parents’ situation easier. While her living situation was better, India’s trials weren’t over yet. Because of a lack of accountability and full freedom, she made decisions that left her in a more difficult place than where she started.

While her son’s father was in prison, she befriended a man who was more interested in her than she was him. The man who she thought was her friend did not handle her lack of interest well, so he decided to act on his anger and began shooting at her sister’s house. Scared, India and her sister abandoned the apartment and found a new place to live.

When the man found their new place, he broke in and attempted to assault India. India was not going down without a fight, and before here sister was able to intervene, he shot India in the hip area. India fled as quickly as she could while her sister made sure the attacker didn’t get away. Because the new apartment was on the second floor, India had to travel down a flight of stairs to get to the car.

When she woke up in the hospital, she found the main nurse crying. Curious, she asked what was going on. The nurse explained that the location of the bullet had just missed hitting a major artery, and that her life had miraculously been spared.

India not only received a second chance at life, but also a second chance as living an abundant one. After she healed from her close call, she began attending church and focused on caring for her young son. She realized God had a plan for her life and decided to life for Him. After enrolling in ReProgram, she found a customer service job at Waite’s Cleaners in Midtown and is now saving to make a better life for herself and her son. She hopes to become a CNA in the future.

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