Thanksgiving 2016

Thanksgiving by the numbers: 

  • 1,174 served (in cafes and through deliveries to the community)
  • 85 volunteers
  • Six locations
  • $720 donated
  • 60 turkeys donated (thank you Second Generation Painting, Heavenly Homes Cleaning, and Travis Buckley Drywall!)
  • 400 pounds of ham donated (thanks Honeybaked Ham!)
  • 300 cupcakes donated (mmm Flour Girls!!)
  • Countless stories of connection between strangers and God’s provision — like this one…

For the past three Thanksgivings, Race Gentry and his family have served on Thanksgiving  at the Ransom Cafe location in Theodore. Each year, Race leads the team that goes out into the community to deliver plates to people who are working or home alone. The first year, he met a man who told him he was dying and asked for prayer. He visited the man again last year, and again this year! The man was able to share how God healed him. Race also visited many others he’d met in years’ past — what a gift to look forward to checking in on and praying for the same people each year. This year, Race took a little notebook and wrote down prayer requests for each person he encountered so he can pray for them throughout the year and check in again next Thanksgiving!

Thank you to everyone who volunteered, donated and ate with us this year! We are thankful for our Ransom family!

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