One year later

Over the last year, we have seen so many needs come though Ransom Cafe it is sometimes overwhelming, yet rewarding at the same time. We have seen poverty in Africa and here in the United States: elderly, unemployed, hurting children, homeless, addicts, convicts, outcasts and many other needs that we don’t even know about. We really would love to meet all these needs, but sometimes we just have to pray through each one and let God lead us. We have seen God meet some needs through supernatural means, and that always strengthens our faith. We have seen needs met through His people and seen this build their faith as well. I will say there are days we question whether we are making a difference. We have had people take advantage of us, but through each of these we have learned a lesson and know better how to handle things and listen to the spirit lead us. During those times of doubt, God never fails to send someone to encourage us. Just this week a man came in and said he felt God leading him to come in and pray for me (Matt), and when he did, he prayed some of the things I had been asking God. Also yesterday, a man came in and said I didn’t know him and he didn’t know me, but God sent him to tell me “thank you for listening.” Those God moments are just a couple examples of what we see everyday. God is faithful, and He continues to confirm that we are in His will. No matter if you believe that God exists or not, those are times that I can say He does! Those things don’t happen on accident — I know God cares about us.

We can’t believe that just a year ago we started this journey. Over the past 12 months, we have served more than 12,000 meals and have seen many people walk away with hope. In the next year we know God has some great plans for what He is going to do in and through Ransom Ministries. We are praying now that we can better serve our community and those in need. We are even more sure that the way into peoples lives is through service, and that is what we have been called to do. The people we have been blessed to meet this past year have so impacted our lives it is hard to put into words. We know this that God has burned this passion even deeper into our hearts and we are more sure than ever this is our purpose.

Please pray for Ransom Cafe in the coming months. We have two Thanksgiving meals and a Christmas event coming up that we believe will touch many people. We also need prayer for the finances of the ministry. We need those willing and led by God to partner with us to invest in this ministry. We have obtained 501c3 status and all donations are tax deductible.

We are so excited for the upcoming holiday season and the upcoming year! Please pray for this ministry and all involved, and we will continue to seek Him and follow Him in everything we do.