Who would have thunk!

We have not blogged in a while because we’ve had a busy start to our summer! It has been great so far. We have been busy with the garden, youth outreach and being open at night has been a blessing. We have met so many new people that could not make it to the cafe during the day.

We have been speaking at churches and other venues about the vision we have been given in the area of service. We spoke at Mountain Springs church in Frog Eye, Alabama, Providence Presbyterian Church and Men on the Bay about how God has put in our heart that we do not have to say a word to preach the gospel. God calls us to serve others and in doing so, we will open the door for His spirit to draw them to Himself.

Serving others has its ups and downs, and we have seen both. It can get overwhelming if you let it. In Africa, I think the single most important thing we learned was to take one day at a time (the best way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time). The people there have mastered this because tomorrow is not for sure. This has helped us not get so overwhelmed with the day-to-day things. We are focused on helping, serving and loving anyone God brings into our path, and really nothing else matters. Some of the stories we have seen and heard are heartbreaking, but then we see things change for them and it is all worth it. One of our guys has his son staying with him for the first time in a long time, and just three months ago he was homeless. He has many other things going on, but he knows that God can do all things. I could share stories of elderly people coming in and feeling this is what God gave them to do, mothers that have been able to teach their children about service and so much more.

Yes, it gets tiring, but God gives us strength. Yes we don’t have a lot of time for ourselves anymore, but that is not why God put us here. And yes, it is frustrating at times, but we cant imagine how frustrating we are to God when we refuse to do what He asks. We know this — we were called to do this and no, not all are called to make drastic changes like we’ve done, but we are all called to do something to serve others, either at work, home or in our community. Your job is to seek God and find out what that is no one can tell you what your calling is but we all have one and it has nothing to do with ourselves. We know this it is the greatest feeling to know you are doing what your were born to do and it is so much easier than trying to make it happen on your own. Please pray for our family that we will continue to follow His leading and stay focused on that and not our own desires.

The cafe is doing great and is very self-supporting, but there is so much more we feel God is leading us to do: food distribution site, Summer Serving Camps, community missions, overseas mission teams, school uniform giveaway, after-school feeding program, school supply giveaway, youth mentoring program, job placement program, elderly meal delivery, shopping service, Thanksgiving community meal, Christmas giveaway and many other things, but this takes funds. We are asking you all to consider partnering with us in this mission. We have had some individuals sending in monthly support, and for that we are thankful. Our goal is to have “THE FAB 500” (500 individuals, churches and businesses commit to $10+ per month for one year). Please prayerfully consider being part of this team. This is a way that those who cannot come to the cafe because of distance or time can be involved in this mission. I hate to bring up money, but it does take funds to do some of the things we are feeling led to do. One good thing is if God is leading us, He will provide what is needed, so we just trust He will move on the hearts of those that He wants to be involved.

We thank all of you who pray for this ministry, and we ask that even if you can’t team up with us financially, you will please continue to pray for us and those God brings in our path. God is so good and He wants to bless each and every one of you beyond what you can even think or imagine. Please let us know if there is anything we can do for any of you.


Matt and Tara