When we step out of God’s plan

We have been back from Uganda for about four weeks, and God is still showing us things we have learned from this trip. The cafe is doing great, and we are seeing more and more needs. After seeing the people in Uganda it isn’t as overwhelming as it was. One thing that we did do was change back to the original way of doing things with the menu. I had let my ideas get in the way and started thinking of this as a business and not a ministry. We had changed the menu to offer more options and more food, which in turn added cost to the daily operation. We operated through April like this and really saw things start to unravel. I started to pray as to why I felt like God had lifted His hand from our ministry. God showed me that these changes were not His idea; they were mine, and as long as I trusted my own ideas and way of doing things He could not bless it. I can now look back at the day that these changes were made and realized that’s when I felt God’s hand lift from us at Ransom Cafe. So we changed back, and it was like stepping back into the peace that we had been feeling before. It is awesome to see what God can do when we just trust Him and let Him make the plans.

There are some great things happening this summer. We are going to do more outreach in the community, and the donations of others is making this possible. The community garden is growing, and we should be getting to harvest some of the produce soon. We ask that you just keep praying for us to remain in God’s will and that we wouldn’t make any decisions that He doesn’t first put on our hearts. We are learning how important that is. Thank you to all of you that pray and support us in this Mission God has us on.

All for His glory!!