Wow, that was fast!

Since our last post, a lot has happened. We asked you guys to pray for God to open up doors for us to share the vision God has given us about service. Well, as we have been praying, God has been opening doors for us to spread this mission. We have seen things here in the cafe happening through the volunteers as well as the people that come to eat with us.

We have been so blessed this month with great volunteers. One of those volunteers is Eliezeri from Uganda. Elie, as we call him, speaks very little English — mostly French and Swahili. I have been spending a lot of time helping him learn to cook and also trying to learn some Swahili, and he has been trying to learn English. Elie is such a blessing, and he was placed here by God and for God’s purpose. We also have a great core group of volunteers that can run this cafe without me if need be.

It’s funny that Elie showed up when he did, because we have been asked to go to Uganda to teach the people over there a new cooking technique. In the villages, the ladies of the house cook and the children are there as well. They cook on open fires, and this produces a lot of smoke. These women and children are experiencing breathing problems and tear duct damage, and they struggle to find enough wood to cook with. Elie knows all about this and says it is terrible. We will be trained in the states on a technique that will produce 75 percent less wood, which will produce less smoke and cook more efficiently. This technique is called the Rocket Stove and is built with things found locally in the villages, such as sand, clay and straw.

I know many of you might wonder why we would have to go all the way over there to do something. I’ve had the same thought — I have never wanted or had a desire to go anywhere but right here to serve people because there are so many that need help in our backyard.

So at first, we said no way, but as we prayed, we realized this was of God and He wanted us to go as a family. The trip just so happens to fall on the girls’ spring break, and Tara had asked off for most of that week already — How did that happen? You also might be thinking, “You’re taking your kids to Africa? You must be crazy!” Well, yes, a little — but we serve God as a family through the cafe, and we feel He wants us to serve Him together in Africa. Of course, we would rather go to Disney World for Spring break, but this will be so much more rewarding and be something we will never forget.

We know God will protect us and He wants to do a mighty work in all of us. We are all excited to see what God is going to do in and through us during this time. We also feel He is just getting us to the point where we realize why He has called us into this ministry at Ransom Cafe. He is making us realize it is all about Him and His plan for us. We believe this trip will make us better servants to others when we come back.

We ask that you pray for us that the passport process will be smooth, that the girls and Matt don’t scream too much when they get their shots and that we follow the steps He has set before us. If you feel led to give financially toward this trip, you can send monetary contributions to us at our address; make checks payable to Four Corners Ministries.

All For His Glory

God is still moving

Well, it’s been a couple of weeks since we posted last, and a lot has been happening. Matt cooked on Studio 10, and it was a great show. Matt was able to share some of what Ransom is all about. God continues to open doors for us to share the vision He has given us. Pray with us that God will open doors for us to go into churches, youth groups, businesses, schools and other venues to share the vision He has given us for service and how everyone can get involved on all levels — not just at Ransom, but wherever they are.

We wanted to share a story with you about an answered prayer. We have a couple that comes in about every day. Since the day before Christmas we have not seen them, and I have been praying for them. Yesterday, they came in and were so excited. They couldn’t wait to show us how God had provided. They took us out in the parking lot to see this Dodge van. They had been living in their tiny Ford Focus, but now they have a van to live in, and they were so grateful. This really made me think and it put things into perspective. We worry and fret about many things — my house is not big enough, if only I could make more money, if I just had a nicer car — and on and on. And here’s a couple that was so happy to just have a bigger car to live in.

Charles comes in every other day or so. He rides his bike to and from work. Last week on Wednesday or Thursday, he came in and was just distraught. He had been working three jobs and and been laid off from two, and that day he had been laid off from his final job. He asked us to pray for him because he didn’t know what he was going to do. We prayed that God would give him a even better job — one that would allow him to work just that job and not have to work three. Yesterday, he came in with the biggest smile on his face. We asked him how things were going, and he said, “Great! I got a job and God gave it to me!” It was a job that paid him well and let him work six days a week. Praise God!

No matter what you are going through, there is a God that cares for you and will take care of you and protect you. God is still moving on behalf of those who call on His name.

For His Glory

What a great first two months!

Well here goes — we are starting a new year and we are so excited for what is to come. I just wanted to share with you some numbers from the first two months. We served 2,100+ plates in November and December, 216 attended our Thanksgiving meal, 93 families (300+ people) took part in the Candy Cane Christmas donate-what-you-can shopping day. God is good… and even if these numbers would have been lower, He still is Good.

Tara and I have been overwhelmed at the need out there for this ministry. We have probably been more blessed then anyone during this time. We have been meeting some really great people and seeing God change hearts, including our own. We have seen people from all denominations come together and serve, and we have seen people from all walks of life sit down and eat a meal together — a homeless couple who lives in their car, a retired major league baseball player, a man who lives in the woods across the street, elderly couples that need to stretch their Social Security check, and a bank president — all in the cafe at the same time. This is the vision God placed in our hearts, and we have been blessed to see it come together. if you would like to read about how it all started, you can go to This blog follows the journey leading up to the birth of Ransom Cafe. Please Pray for us that we keep our eyes on Jesus!